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Welcome to BN Buildings – a reliable Steel Building provider you can trust for businesses and homeowners!

We offer affordable, super-durable, and highly customizable top-quality Steel Building solutions for any Garage, Storage or Shop, Commercial, Industrial, Retail, Training or Agricultural Facility, Quonset Hut, Carport, etc. We also provide Steel Tubing Frames and other steel building components.

Our steel buildings are manufactured from the highest quality materials only and designed to fit your specific requirements. They have been trusted for many years for their uncompromising quality & customizable features.

With BN Buildings you get the most for your money. There’s a reason for that: quality. We want your metal building to be one you are proud to show off and pass down to future generations.

Plan your Steel Building with our Online Design Tool

We offer cost-effective and practical Metal Shops and Garage solutions that meet all your residential, farm,  commercial or industrial storage and space requirements.

We offer budget-friendly and multi-functional barndominiums to get you a living quarter, as well as a designated space for work, storing goods, and more.

Our robust, super-durable Steel Carports and Roof-Only Buildings protect your valuable assets from the damaging effects of rain, moisture, sunshine, etc.

Our Quonset Huts are available in different designs and made of premium-grade steel only, which makes them one of the strongest available on today’s market.

We provide a wide variety of Steel Building solutions for Retail & Commercial purposes from Office Buildings and Warehouses to Gyms and Training facilities.

We can help you design a Steel Building that can be used solely for production or as a combination of clear-span and office spaces depending on your specific needs.

We provide all types of Agricultural & Farm Steel Buildings such as Dairy Facilities, Hay Sheds, Grain Storage, Livestock Shelters, Equipment Storage, and more.

The uses of Steel Tubes are limitless. It’s a multipurpose steel component often bolted or welded together for a range of construction and industrial applications.

We understand that it can be frustrating and confusing to start a new construction project. We’ve been listening to what our clients want and creating the streamlined processes needed for a smooth-flowing project. Due to our commitment to quality service, our projects are consistently on time and on budget.

Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns about steel buildings!

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