The Best Roof Pitch: What Roof Pitch Should I Choose?

/ May 18, 2024/ Steel Building FAQs

You have to make many important decisions when designing a Steel Building. One of them is what Roof Pitch you’d like your metal building to have. The Roof Pitch, or the Slope of your structure’s roof, defines how many inches your roof rises for every 12 inches of horizontal space. There are some pros and cons to high and low roof pitches.

Simply put, lower roof pitches require fewer materials, consequently, they are more cost-effective. So if you do not need a certain exterior aesthetic or higher clearance in the interior of your metal building, choosing a lower Roof Pitch will be a more budget-friendly option.

Standard roof pitches typically range between 1:12 and 5:12. Any roof pitch higher than 5:12 requires custom engineering which might increase the cost of your building. Additionally, when you have a higher roof pitch, the roof is seen so you might need to order a colored roof, which adds to your building cost as well.

Do you need a high roof pitch in snowy area?

It used to be thought if you live in a snowy area, you will need a higher roof pitch but this mentality is a thing of the past. It really doesn’t matter if you have a 1:12 roof pitch or a 6:12 pitch, as long as your steel building is engineered to code. Local snow codes are set for this exact reason. You may notice that most mini storage buildings typically have a standard lower pitch of .5:12. That is because owners want to avoid the snow falling in front of the individual unit doors.

Whether you need a lower or higher roof pitch, we can help you with any framing style for your Steel Building! Please contact us with any of your questions or concerns!

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