Windows & French Doors

Top-Quality Windows and French Doors

In the windows and doors market, there are two main types of windows that have been prominent – North American Windows and European Windows.

Climate, energy costs, and energy policies have mainly influenced the two continents to manufacture windows and doors differently. While double-hung windows are standard in the US,  turn-tilt windows are standard in Europe.

Turn-tilt windows can be 10-30 times more air-tight. Instead of sliding upwards to open, these windows either swing inward or outward from its vertical hinge or tilt inward or outward on its horizontal hinge. They are also able to accommodate large glass surfaces, which can create a much cleaner look due to less framing.

We can provide you with top-quality European windows that have been tested for higher standards in energy conservation and product quality. They have stood the test of time and proved to be more efficient.

Also, learn more about how we can customize your steel building with Overhead Doors, Garage Doors, Walk Doors, and others.

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